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MyTechReports™ is an advanced online reporting application designed for water treatment companies and their representatives. The flexibility of the application provides a unique look and feel for each company all while providing a simple well documented and explained user interface.


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Why we are different?

  • Your data is your data. If at any time you decide to leave MyTechReports™ you can download a complete (and USEABLE) data table to take with you.
  • All your data is stored on Advantage Controls in house servers with redundancy outside of Advantage. Advantage is not a water treater and has nothing to gain from your data.
  • Advantage has a record of providing some of the best customer support in the industry for our controllers and pumps, and now our online reporting software.
  • Output all data tables, charts, graphs and pictures to numerous file types that best suit your needs.
  • It only takes a few hours to have all your customers into MyTechReports™ and be ready to make high quality reports vs. days to manually input all your customer data with our competition.
  • Patent Pending process that applies the 80/20 rule to setup – once you make a change to anything in the system it can be saved and used again easily on any customer within a matter of clicks.
  • Coming soon: Controller data can be emailed to a catch all inbox and put into log files within the system. That is not exclusive to Advantage controllers only.
  • Input notes, pictures, graphs, and charts directly into your report without be forced to comment on every single cell using our Notes-on-the-Fly user interface.
  • Fine grained security rights and administrative privileges for making sure jobs are getting done.
  • Your company logo won’t be a small square in some corner. Each and every report will look like your company, feel like your company, and represent your company. Customizable backgrounds, color schemes, and layouts coming soon.
  • Constant development from feedback that the community (yes, you!) give us. Patches are applied multiple times weekly and change logs are provided.
  • Community driven forum for ideas, input, help, and constructive criticism all driven by the community for the community.
  • Trust.

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